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These ladies are amazing.. had so much fun!!! Thanks for making this mama feel sexy again and for the during shoot perks
— J
I had an amazing time with these ladies! Crystal and Efe did a fantastic job making me look and feel fabulous! would highly recommend!
— C
What an amazing experience! Crystal and her team are so personable and within minutes of arriving, I felt at ease. Taking the pictures was so much fun and the results are incredible. Very artistic, very talented. Thank you for making me feel so pretty, sexy and beautiful! Highly recommend taking your boudoir photos with Provocateur.
— B
I just had my fantasy session last week. I have to say, I was super nervous and not being skinny not sure how my pictures would turn out. From the minute Crystal answered the door, I was put at ease. Her personality is so bubbly and energetic, it’s hard not to get excited yourself!
I brought some pieces I thought would work, but really wasn’t sure. We went through them and used what we could, and Crystal and Efe put together a bunch of outfits from their stash of items. Efe did a stellar job on my hair and make up (I’d hired her to do my wedding, but I already put a deposit down on someone else. If I’d know about her first, she’d be the artist I’d choose)
As for the photos, they are awesome! I saw a bunch of unfinished shots, and in my opinion Crystal shoots you in a way, you almost don’t need touch ups or editing. I look hot, and I can’t believe I’m the woman in the photos!
I did the session as a surprise gift for my fiancee, but in the end I’m glad I did it just for me. I left feeling great about myself and my body, and that feeling hadn’t left!
I highly recommend doing this. Its 100% worth it.
— K
Thank you for such a fun day! These two goddesses put me instantly at ease and made me feel so sexy and I had a blast. Ultra professional and beyond talented! The teaser is more amazing than I ever could have imagined! I can’t wait to see more. I highly recommend this experience to all women!
— K
Crystal is the most amazing boudoir artist I have ever met. Her work is absolutely stunning and I had the most amazing experience shooting with her.

Crystal and Efe are so fun and easy going. The best part is how they make you feel. I have always been an outgoing non shy type of person but these two woman brought a new sexy tigress side out in me! I have never felt so beautiful, confident and sexy ever in my life!.

I thing I love the most is that Crystal is all about woman empowering woman, to make every woman feel beautiful and she has that nailed down.
— R
Crystal and Efe are amazing and unbelievably empowering. They were fun, respectful and made me feel like a Goddess! They are crazy talented and I highly recommend you book with them!!!
— c
Crystal and Efe are far and above amazing! This has been an amazing year and I wanted to finish it off with a bang. My session was the finale I was looking for.

I felt so amazing and frankly sexy throughout my entire shoot. The attention to detail and the coaching Crystal and Efe provide with getting into position is outstanding.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot THESE ARE YOUR GIRLS. Hands down!
— A
Like most people, I was extremely nervous going into my appointment. I was shocked at how comfortable Crystal and Efe made me feel. It ended up being such a fun experience and I will definitely be doing it again sometime in the future. I’m very excited to see the finished product.
— H
I was very nervous walking into my shoot but Crystal and Efe made me feel at ease. They pamper you and make you feel relaxed and beautiful. The entire experience was fantastic and my photographs ended up being more amazing than I could have imagined.
— Miss D
From our first email correspondence we hit it off right away; Crystal has a way of disarming your insecurities and freeing your inhibitions even before you take your clothes off :). She believes in women; our ferocity, our resilience, our softness and grace. It is evident in the way she interacts with her clients and in her photos. These ladies want to make you feel tenacious and sensual. They truly make you feel like a Queen and you certainly get what you pay for. There were no surprises in this experience. You will not regret booking with this fiiiiine lady!
— Miss I
Crystal and Efe were amazing!! They both made me feel so comfortable and were extremely professional. They made me feel confident and sexy, and I was so pleased with the pictures. This experience allowed me to see my body in a different way and allowed me to open myself up to self love. I also did a shoot with my husband and the photos exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend crystal to any women, man or couple. She will open your eyes to beauty on both the inside and outside. All I can say is thank you.
— Miss S
It is pure fine art, truly fantastic! Every image is a proof of a magic work of a unique artist.
— Andrea
Ladies, look no further...Crystal is the best at what she does!
— Kristy
I can’t Thank Crystal enough! Her and her staff were all amazing and very professional which made me feel so comfortable.
I was amazed at how great I felt even with my imperfections she encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and it paid off. My photos are beautiful. I gained some more confidence in all this so to me that was a win win
I would highly recommend Crystal. She answered all my questions (I had a lot) and made me feel like a star!
I would do this all over again in a heart beat!
Book with her and you won’t be disappointed!
— Terra
“Anyone can take a picture .... a person with a pure passion see the picture before it’s taken”
Crystal and Nitasha are A-MA-ZING !!
Walking in the door like so many before me I was uber nervous , not knowing what to expect or how comfortable I would be , I tried to let any and all inhibitions at the door and just trust Crystal and her Vision. Boy was I happy I did !
Flawless make up and Hair , Step by Step direction for for posing & facial expression , wardrobe changes and adjustments all the whole time relaxed , laughing , joking , and being pampered !My self esteem walking away today has never been so high or have felt such self empowerment ! They make you feel incredible , in those moments of hearing the camera snap I was no longer a mom or wife but a sex kitten ready to shine .....crystal and Nitasha make you feel how every women should feel about themselves and it shows in the photos she takes .
You want a incredible experience with respect , class and professionalism ? Trust crystal and her team in creating your own personal vision , you won’t be disappointed .
— Melissa
I had the pleasure of being glammed up and shot by Crystal. I would recommend her to anyone who wants quality boudoir shots. She is experienced, skilled and talented at what she does. The reasons why I picked her and would recommend her is because she has a vision for her clients - she really knows what she’s doing and she executes it well.
— Holly
I had watched Crystal for quite awhile and just loved her work. One day I went and bought a mini session on a whim. I had had 2 babies and was bigger than I preferred but my husband still found me sexy and I wanted to do something special for him and in turn for me. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew this was going to be amazing and life changing. Ivy, Natasha and Crystal made the experience something out of a dream. The artistry of the makeup, the studio suite, and the girls professional ease made stripping down easy and empowering. I just picked up my album and cannot be happier and cannot wait for hubby to see it. I am beautiful, stretch marks and all. And now it is in print and every time I need a reminder I cannot wait to look and remind myself. We all have things we don’t love about us, but we are so beautiful and the magic Crystal and her team works ensures you love every inch of yourself when you walk out her door. I cannot wait to go back for more!
— Alysha
The whole experience was amazing!!! I love my photos!!!!
— Myranda
Crystal was just amazing, her talent is more than just taking an amazing photo, but making you feel confident and sexy. Her energy is steller, tons of fun. Id thought about boudior for awhile but until I found Crystal I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot, and would recommend her to anyone!
— Kate
Crystal is the most incredible, artistic, expressive woman I have met. She inspired me to reach out to my inner sexy self and I loved every minute of my experience.
Please have your moment with LLL provocateur you will not forget it and forever enjoy it ��
— Adele
Last week, I took a deep breath, walked through the door of LLL Provocateur, and into a completely different world. A world where I could let go and bring out my sexy side, honestly a side I wasn’t sure I even had. Crystal and Natasha were fun, professional, and a complete blast to work with. Natasha’s makeup job was stunning. I felt very Hollywood. Crystal’s love of photography showed through in her enthusiasm behind the lens. The sets used for the shoot were absolutely breathtaking. With both Natasha and Crystal , working together directing my poses , were able to catch some shots that I didn’t know I was even capable of. I am very awkward when it comes to pictures. They definitely got past that and saw through it. Posing can be very intimidating but with step by step guidance of Natasha and Crystal, the intimidation is replaced with confidence. I am in shock but am so in love with the sneak peak I got and I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you Crystal and Natasha for both an empowering and delightful time!
— Elsea
Holy crap these guys know their stuff! I’m so glad I did this!! From the time I walked in the door to the time I left I felt amazing and completely comfortable! I wanted to rebook so I could lose just a few more lbs, I didn’t, and honestly it wouldn’t have mattered!! I was in positions that accentuated the things I liked about my body and the things I didn’t like weren’t even an issue! I wanted to do this for myself so I could capture my body the way I pictured it and always have that. Even after having my two babies they both knew exactly what to say to take my mind completely off of the flaws and onto being sexy!! They are the best of the best and if you are thinking of doing boudoir it needs to be done right!! Thank you for an amazing day!! Xoxo
— Krista
It’s hard to put in words exactly what my experience was like. It was the most amazing day of my life. I have never felt so empowered, beautiful, comfortable and sexy. These woman are absolutely amazing. They love what they do and it shows through the whole experience. I trusted Crystal with every step of the process and I was not disappointed, not even a little bit. You feel so welcomed and you almost feel like you’re at home but sexier then you’ve ever felt at home before. These ladies will have you laughing so hard your almost crying. But don’t cry, you’ll mess up your unbelievably beautiful make up and you don’t want that. I can’t wait to have my next experience with these wonderful ladies.
— Alisha
I would consider myself as a wallflower and an introvert. Throughout my life, I had problems with my self-esteem and confidence. The way I looked at myself was different compared to how others saw me and my past did not let me pursue the dreams and goals I wanted to achieve mainly because my confidence and my self-esteem got in the way. I followed Crystal for a very long time dreaming of the day I would partake in a Boudoir photo shoot but again my confidence got in the way because how I thought I looked. It must of been a sign when I actually met her at the wedding fair and I started talking to her. At first I was a little hesitant because I couldn’t see myself doing the things I wanted to do like the photoshoot; I would rather be the person on the other side of the computer looking at the pictures that were taken and be envious of the confidence all the other women have. But after talking to Crystal I said f*** it let’s do it! And booked my session! At first I was nervous but also excited because this is something that I always wanted to do but life is too short! The experience I had with Crystal and the ladies was amazing that I can’t put it into words. They made me feel comfortable, welcomed and sexy as f*** the entire time and I loved getting my pictures taken. At the end of my session when Crystal showed me my teaser photo I was lost for words. I did not know that I looked like that let alone looked that good! After that day, I look at myself completely different, I am a whole new person and have way more confidence now that I know the way I looked at myself was completely far from what I actually look like!! I loved the shoot, Crystal, Shannon and Tanisha and everything in between and I cannot get enough of them! I am addicted and can’t wait to do more photo opportunities with Crystal when the time comes! ♡♡♡
— Charlotte
After my shoot my muscles hurt, not sure if it’s from the positions I was in or from laughing at Crystal and Natasha. Seriously they are the best duo. They make you feel beautiful and make you realize you can be something you didn’t think you could be “sexy and beautiful” love you ladies, love your work and love what you represent. highly recommend xo
— Lisa
This was my first boudoir experience and I loved it! Crystal made sure I was comfortable the whole time and they did a great job of make me feeling like a babe!
— Sarah
My adventure with Crystal was the best photography experience I have ever had! I left feeling more confident and empowered than I have felt in YEARS!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You �� Crystal will remind you that you are a goddess, and show off your best assets. I’d give her 10/5 stars if facebook let me.
— Wynne
Every moment with these ladies was a blast, even when I was nervous I felt safe and totally comfortable that I wasn’t being judged. We laughed and it was like being with your girlfriends all morning!! Can’t wait to have another shoot!!!
— Tara
I had my shoot with Crystal today. I was beyond nervous, but felt instantly comfortable with both her and Nitasha. As a “curvy” girl, I was apprehensive to let so much of myself show to complete strangers. I have never felt more accepted and beautiful. I will absolutely be booking more time with these ladies, and will recommend to everyone I cross paths with! So so happy with everything, and looking forward to returning.
— Alannah
I’ve always put others first. This is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life. The experience was beyond what I could have ever expected. These ladies captured me in my truest form and for once I was able to see myself how I feel inside. Thank you for your time, and for being so wonderful to work with. So talented and highly recommended.
— Moriah
What an amazing experience! I’ve been a fan for a long time and finally did my shoot the other day. It was amazing from start to finish! I felt comfortable and confident the entire time. The ladies made it so easy, doing hair and make up, helping with outfit selection, accessorizing and posing. I can not wait to see my edits and order my prints!
— Becky
I had a shoot with Crystal last week and it was fantastic! My hair and make-up were awesome, and we had lots of laughs throughout the day. I was super comfortable and felt very glamorous and confident. Crystal did a great job of coaching me on my poses and facial expressions so it was never awkward. I can’t wait for my reveal! I would definitely recommend her services!
— Ashley
Where to start... I attended my session, and finished my reveal recently. And I am amazed by the quality and time put into the hard work of Crystal and Natasha. I went into my session feeling nervous, and with their assistance, some phenomenal photos came from it. I am still in disbelief looking through them to see how amazing they turned out. The quality in the services provided, and the quality in the product, is astonishing. They were both very laid back and did everything they could to make me comfortable. A very memorable and confidence boosting experience came from this, and I have exceptional photos to remind me. Thank you again
— A
I’m so grateful for such an incredible experience.
I was blown away with the entire creative process. Having never met Natasha or Crystal before, they worked their creative juices and quickly came up with a vision and plan for the session and then executed it perfectly. I was transformed into a total rockstar. The poses and places to shoot were plentiful and very well guided. The ladies had great energy for my entire session. I felt good about myself going into the session but then to also have them be so body positive and encouraging, really helped transform me and my experience to the next level. I’m so excited to have images that capture this experience and the confidence I felt that day for years to come.
— Rebekah
I ended up loving the experience!!! I wasn’t excited about it to start because of the point in my life that I’m at right now, with not having a partner and someone to share this with. But it was a very empowering experience. I didn’t realize how out of touch I was with being fun and sexy till doing the photo shoot. I was happy that I ended up being able to somewhat let loose. I felt very comfortable very quickly with both of you. I’m just out of touch with my body and my sexuality.
I loved having my makeup done. It looked amazing!!!! Probably the best smoky rockstar eyes I’ve ever had done.
— T
I thoroughly loved my day from start to finish. Hair and makeup was perfect and a great lead into the photo shoot. My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t kkow what to do and wouldn’t be able to follow direction but after a few minutes into it I felt we were all on a roll and working together to create something great. All in all I felt like I was given a great deal of time and attention and I felt like a real Babe!

While I was pleased with the teaser my friends who have seen it have said it doesn’t look like me. Not sure what that’s about and I’m certainly not going to get hung up on one photo. That said...I love the pic of me on the FB page in the frame of Crystal’s camera lens.

So looking forward to seeing Crystal and the photos on the 20th!!!!
— L
From the moment I walked in I felt so comfortable!!!! The day of the shoot was upbeat and fun! The girls made me feel so at ease and my confidence soared! Hair and Makeup was a blast! I was transformed into this Rock Goddess with mile high hair, and once the shoot started I was so at ease! It was such a great and empowering day that I will never forget!!!
— Giselle
I had been wanting to do boudoir photos for some time but was apprehensive about letting just anyone do them. I bade my time and hoped to find the right artist for me. LLL Boudoir came up on my FB news feed months ago. I followed her postings and decided Crystal was my girl. I am so glad I did. Crystal, Nitasha and Sarah ARE THE BEST!! I felt like I was among friends I had known for years. What a great day I had! And all of it in my underwear!
I am a plus size woman but I know I am sexy and I exude confidence. Crystal and Nitasha had their work cut out for them but they captured how I see myself beautifully. I am so proud of these photos! Imagine how surprised I was to see myself on the LLL Facebook page! Proof Crystal is equally proud of them or at least I think that. LOL. Thank you ladies for an absolutely amazing experience. Every woman should feel as good as I do tonight.
— Trina
I just picked up my photos this past Friday, and am completely thrilled. Crystal and her assistant were so amazing, making me feel comfortable from the second I sat in the makeup chair. Additionally, the hair and makeup was perfect! If I could hire them all to make me look fabulous all the time, I would.
— Emily
I can’t say enough about my experience with the entire team at LLL Boudoir - Crystal, Sarah and Nitasha. These ladies make you feel nothing short of spectacular. I’m all about great service and that’s exactly what you will receive and much more.
Crystal made me feel so comfortable from our initial consult and was so helpful in the process to prepare for my shoot. By the time I first met Crystal on the day of my shoot, I felt I had known her for a long time. The entire experience from the moment I walked into the office, to getting pampered in the make-up chair and finally getting to take the photos. I wish it didn’t have to end we were having so much fun. It’s amazing how wonderful you can feel when surrounded by the right people.
The post shoot process was just as exciting being able to view and choose my photos. The array of products to choose from are of supreme high quality and beautiful. You are getting everything you paid for and more. I don’t know any girl that doesn’t want to feel gorgeous, empowered and confident - that’s what LLL Boudoir does and you can’t put a price on that.
If you’ve ever thought about doing a shoot, I would highly recommend LLL Boudoir without hesitation.

*** His point of view: A First Impression: Gift received from my wife for our anniversary ***
I was pleasantly surprised by the album of my wife. I was definitely not expecting something like this. I felt flattered she would take the time and do this for me, it means a lot.
I’ve always known my wife was beautiful but to see this side of her was really exciting. And to know that she can see it too now and she has more confidence is amazing. I think this will open the doors to exploring our sexual relationship and that makes me really excited.
I wanna show off the album to everyone but she says it might not be appropriate. Lol.
Who needs all the pictures of models or even porn when I have that ideal girl in front of me. Love the thought, the album and my girl.
— Nancy
I met Crystal at a home-based business show, and I immediately fell in love with her work. The lighting, poses, and colours are magical. Her photography always looks sexy, sleek, and elegant. I finally mustered up the courage to get a boudior shoot done with her, and I couldn’t be more happy and ecstatic with the results! I was so nervous, but Crystal and her assistants helped me become calm and pose perfectly for the camera. I had never done anything like this before, so posing felt very awkard. I was certain I would look funny posing in the pictures but I trusted Crystal and her team. When I finally got to see the final product, I teared up from joy, excitement, and shock that what I was seeing was me. I felt sexy again, and I loved it! Every women, or man for that matter, needs to do a boudoir shoot at least once in their lifetime. Shooting with Crystal is a no brainer. She brings her A Game from the consultation, to the hair and make up, all the way through to the final product showing. Trust me. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much LLL Boudoir Photography!
— Christine
When you finally find a photographer who make you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world!! If you have been shy, or nervous when thinking about stripping down to your skivvies don’t be!!! This is the best shoot I have ever been to not to mention beautiful, my “teaser” as she called it is stunning... I can not wait to see the rest!!! Thank you Sooo much lll boudoir for the wonderful experience!
— Tomi
Crystal is an amazing lady and such a talented photographer. From the first time I messaged her about a shoot she was amazing. Her and her staff made me feel so comfortable and sexy! I would hands down recommend her for boudoir pics! Already thinking about another shoot in the future. I can’t say enough good things about her. My pics are jaw droppingly gorgeous! I can’t wait for my order to come in so I can drool over my sexy self
— Shannon
I was always hesitant to get boudoir photos done until I was at my ideal weight and I would reward myself with a photo shoot. I met Crystal after a point where I had actually gained approximately 40 pounds and was feeling really down about myself.

I had reached out to a prior client of Crystal’s and she said that Crystal will make you feel like a million bucks when you get to your reveal. After my initial sit down, I was still pretty hesitant on how the photos would turn out and if it was right for me or not. She was amazing with checking in to see how things were going and to see if it was a right fit for me or not.

Now Crystal probably didn’t know this about me, but I don’t show my emotions well but on the reveal, the photos made me feel like a million bucks. I felt like I looked like I weighed much less than what I actually did with the photos.

I brought the photos home and up until the boyfriend seeing them, he was not truly happy with me going to get the photos done. Now he loves the photos and they are up on the wall permanently now. Every time I see them, they make me smile. Thank you Crystal!!
— A
Just picked up my beautiful album! I am so very happy with how it turned out I have to recommend Crystal and her team Sarah and Nitasha at LLL Boudoir Photography! From the very first email and consult, to the day of with the hair, makeup and shoot, they make you feel comfortable in every way possible! They are beautiful ladies inside and out, and truly have a love and passion for helping other woman bring out the goddess in themselves!!
— Melissa
Crystal makes you feel at ease the moment you meet her. Working with her to bring ideas to life was such a pleasurable experience. I have had so many compliments on my photos, I feel more confident and more confortable in my own skin.

Sometimes when you are a mom, a wife and an employee it is really easy to forget ourselves, to get lost in all the excitement. If you need a confidence boost, need to feel like an adult again (moms will understand this) or you just want to do something to make yourself feel special give this a try!

Not just anyone can provide you an experience to remember. I can say I will NEVER forget my time with Crystal and an very happy to have made a new friend!
— A
Crystal is one of the most artistic people I have ever met. Her visions of what she sees when she starts amazes me.

As soon as you walk into her house you feel like the most gorgeous person in the world. When I went to see her for my pictures I was so nervous I didn’t know if I could do it, but she is so easy to talk to and she will really make you feel as you are that gorgeous sexy model. When I saw the sneak peak of my pictures I couldn’t believe what I saw. They were amazing, artistic, and sexy. I couldn’t of asked for a better more amazing lady to do my pictures.
— A
Well i haven’t even received my finished pictures but I don’t even need them because Crystal is amazing and has posted some teasers and I’m in love!!! The whole experience from coffee, hair, makeup, to the picture taking was amazing! So fun, light and easy. I have to say the positions you are in though do require some Tylenol the next day lol but SO worth it. My husband is going to die! An experience I would recommend and would do again!!!
— Rachel
Just finished my shoot with Crystal and it was amazing! She kept the energy fun and we laughed through the entire shoot! She also helped me every step of the way to “make it happen”. I can’t wait for the reveal!! This is a must for every lady to do! The quality and talent here is priceless! Thanks Crystal for making me feel comfortable and for making me look amazing!
— Casey
Just finished my photoshoot with Crystal with the help of Nitasha and I’m telling you guys, these ladies are amazing! !!! I’ve never felt so comfortable and laughed so much!!! Such a memorable experience that I wish and hope ever women does a shoot at least once in her lifetime!!! They make u feel so sexy!!!! Love it ladies! !!!!!!
— Terra