Crystal Mitchell

Master Photographer / Studio Owner

Professional Published Makeup Artist, Stylist/Designer and Director

Being Creative has its challenges, I have struggled trying to fit in and tame my creative style my whole life. That being said, I felt unfulfilled, unhealthy and most important unhappy. So my question to myself was, "what do you do to change this?" The answer stood right in front of me, harness your love for art, and photography and really dig in to create something powerful and meaningful. So beginning my journey a couple years ago, I started creating, envisioning, and altering the perception of what Boudoir really is all about. I have been submitted and won a dramatic amount of awards from composition, style, retouching, and all the way to artistic outlook.

I have a love for Intimate Photography that will really showcase my capabilities, and accentuate the form of a body in all its perfect and imperfect, perfections. I want every person to feel like a goddess, for themselves, or their spouse. So here I am accepting new gorgeous clients to feed my creative output and reinstate their love for themselves! Women especially leave themselves by the way side when dealing with life, they have a entire list of expectations they have to hold themselves to. How do I know this? I am one of them! I have 2 beautiful boys, I am a cook, homemaker, business owner, doctor, lawyer, and an everything fixer in my home. I forget about beauty and what it takes to feel good, so I know that other women feel the same way.

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Efe Brooks

Head Makeup Artist/ Assistant

Throughout my life, I’ve come to realize I have a passion and love for people. Getting older, growing my passion for makeup and beauty, and working with different photographers with different styles, I realized I genuinely enjoy making people feel confident, sexy, and excited in their body. Working with Crystal and Provocateur i get to combine my love for working with people and my passion for makeup, which allows me to grow as a person and see other people grow with confidence, which is the most rewarding thing.


These ladies are the ones you might see on IG/Facebook or other platforms. You may have also had a conversation with them at trade shows or seen them in tropical places during our Client Retreats! These ladies possess the power to alter your perception of how you feel about yourself, they love empowering change in the mindset of others and assist in bringing out the sexy. 


Tara Popplewell

Elite Ambassador/owner of Egyptian Experience


Karly Robertson

The second I met Crystal I instantly felt like she had been a lifelong friend. It had always been a dream of mine to have a boudoir shoot done at some point in my life. The team at Provocateur made the entire experience from start to finish unbelievable, it's a memory that I will always cherish. And, can I say dang am I glad I waiting until now for this shoot, and that I chose to do it with this team, the photos are breathtaking. Being accepted as an ambassador makes me so honoured to be part of Crystals vision. I love being able to help empower other women and it’s the raddest gift of all. Trust her when she tells you that you'll be sore the next day, girls you will work for it! But, my goodness, are the results ever worth it.


Racheal Beaubien


I am 37 and a single mom to a beautiful outgoing daughter ! All my life I struggled with becoming what society made me believe was beautiful and sexy . I was heavy all thru my 20’s , having ppl say hurtful comments , and being completely insecure . When I hit my late 20’s something inside of me clicked and all of a sudden I didn’t give a shit about what anyone thought . I wasen’t insecure working out at the gym anymore and actually began loosing weight and the more weight I lost the more confident I became . I then got pregnant with my daughter when I was 30. I freaked out ! It took me years to finally love the person I saw in the mirror and I was terrified to become unhappy and heavy Again. But the opposite happened ! As I grew physically , so did my strength to being a strong independent mother / woman ! . I gained 50 lbs back of the 80 I lost but I couldn’t be prouder of the stretch marks and the inner strength I had acquired in becoming a true woman . It’s been 7 years I lost 25 of the 50 I gained but I also lost all the insecurities. I am happier and healthier not just physically but mentally then I have ever been . I am raising my daughter to know what’s important . A balanced life of work , play and creating your own happiness . When Crystal asked me to become an ambassador I was honoured to become a part of something so grand and so meaningful . A place where women empower women . A safe space where everyone is welcome ! Your decision to book a shoot . Is the first step in unleashing the inner lioness that all us women are , no matter what size or color.

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